Tom Krumm teaches the violin, guitar, and mandolin at any level and in a variety of styles. Tom believes that a student's interest in what they're playing and how they're improving is imperative to their success on the instrument. Playing an instrument should be an enjoyable and rewarding experience, and it shouldn't feel like a chore. During his lessons, Tom mixes fun in with practical knowledge and technique in order to promote growth in his students and a desire to work to attain their goals on their instrument. 


The videos on the left feature some of the results from Tom's teaching. Above, is a band class lead alongside Jay Ungar in which Tom had the opportunity to teach some incredible young students a massive medley. Below is a mandolin for beginners class, at the beginning of the week, none of the three students had ever played a mandolin, this was the result by the end. 

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Plymouth Meeting, PA


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